Environmental management

Embracing sustainable development is good business practice. Businesses can enhance operating efficiency by developing environmentally sound technologies, optimising products and processes and conserving energy and natural resources.

We seek to control and reduce our environmental impact using the '3 Rs' principle: Reduce, Recover and Recycle.

Occupational health and safety

We are committed to providing a safe working environment for all our employees and contractors and have a goal of zero accidents. Our work to protect and maintain employees’ occupational health is part of our commitment to employees’ physical, mental and social wellbeing.

We have two clear objectives in OH&S management:

  • a drive for zero accidents and injuries, and
  • to recognise and reward safety performance

To assist us to achieve our stated aim, the company has a comprehensive Environment, Health & Safety service. Primary treatment limited to first aid and emergency care and ongoing supportive tertiary care is provided for both work and non work related injuries wherever possible.

Our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) management systems align with international standards such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001 & AS 4801. In safety management, we have a zero target for accidents across the organisation, and we continue to improve workplace health, building on an already sound base.

We review our EHS systems, programmes, analyse our data and performance on an annual basis. From this review process we set targets for the coming year and within our strategic planning process.