Working with retailers

Trade marketing is a large part of our activity – managing business-to-business relationships with the retailers who sell our products. We place as strong an emphasis on being a high quality supplier to the trade as we do on working to ensure high standards among our own suppliers.

We’re always working to ensure we are the partner of choice to the trade wherever we do business. We work to operate in the most efficient and effective way so retailers can offer the products our consumers want to buy, where they want them, when they want them, at the right quality, price and quantity.

It is the nature of our industry that we do business with a substantial cross section of customers, ranging from the largest retail corporations to small independent shop owners.

In Australia, approximately 25,000 businesses sell tobacco products, of which only approximately 12,900 [1] purchase their products directly from us. The remainder purchase our tobacco products from wholesalers or other retailers.

As well as many hundreds of regional and local customers, we have 9 key customers managed at a global level: 7-Eleven, BP, Carrefour, Chevron Texaco, Couchetard, Exxon Mobil, Shell, Tesco and Walmart. Their very large businesses are mainly in the grocery, convenience and petrol station convenience channels.

Our approach

Our approach is based on building mutually beneficial relationships, characterised by integrity, with our trade partners globally, regionally and locally.

Our aim is not just to focus on our own goals, but to engage with senior management of partner companies for a good mutual understanding of each other’s global strategies and to identify potential areas of alignment and cooperation. We also aim to offer our trade partners a comprehensive insight into consumer preferences and buying behaviour in the tobacco category.

We recognise that for a successful relationship and mutual benefit, there has to be a win for the three key stakeholders: our consumers, our customers and our business.

[1] Number of retailers on British American Tobacco Australia’s V3 customer sales database as at  December 2014.