Successful marketing is the bedrock of growth for any Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) business and we are no exception.

But when we talk about growth, there’s a big point to make clear. By growth, we don’t mean ‘selling smoking’ to boost the number of people in the world who smoke or the amount they smoke. We mean growing our share – more specifically, the value of our share – of the large number of adults who choose to be tobacco consumers.

Ours is a mature market – one where everyone already knows what tobacco is and the associated health risks. Over three million adults in Australia and a billion worldwide choose to consume tobacco.

We invest in positioning our high quality brands competitively for the adults who’ve decided they do want to buy tobacco.

We’ve shown that through focus, responsiveness and a high priority on responsibility, we can successfully build brand loyalty and win consumers away from competitor brands.

Our aim is to keep adding value for our consumers, trade customers and shareholders. This means giving our consumers premium value through premium quality and unique, differentiated brands. It also means enabling our trade customers to benefit from premium margins and, by satisfying both consumers and trade customers, delivering long-term sustainable value for our shareholders.